11/28/11: I rarely have a spare moment to work on this site – obviously! I apologize and promise to do better from now on! There, I said it…. Now for the news.

We have all of the materials for the outdoor enclosure and have been working on it. The weather hasn’t cooperated very well for outdoor labor this year. Immediately after the spring thaw, it started raining like I’ve never seen… almost constantly for two solid months. The basement flooded several times before we were able to divert the water. And then, no sooner did it start to dry out a bit – by which time the grass was thigh-high, having been too wet to mow for so long – than it got terribly hot.

The whole summer was blistering, with 100+ temps and high humidity for months on end, and only brief breaks of upper 90s (but heat index was still over 100). We saw overnight temps that didn’t drop below 80 for the first time I can remember. It didn’t start getting more comfortable until mid-October. Meanwhile, all four of the people who had offered to help with the construction withdrew. We only needed to have one person helping at a time, and one by one they made themselves unavailable.

And thus, the project remains partially finished, because there is only so much time in each day to take proper care of so many kitties, while still being able to eat, sleep and attend to other routine tasks. But we keep making progress as and when we can.

Some good news: We have acquired and are in the process of setting up additional housing for the cats! It won’t have an outdoor enclosure initially, but thanks to the configuration of the building and its environs, it will be considerably less costly to install one there. We will be moving some of the cats to the new facility soon.

Needless to say, the added space is a blessing in many ways, but at the same time stress on an already tight budget. There’s a pile of vet bills to be paid, as well as ongoing vet and other expenses. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to help with these, feel free to use the Donate button in the upper right area of this page, or write “Vet Fund” in the memo of a check or money order payable to ‘Kitty Safe Haven No-Kill Shelter’ and mail c/o:

Kitty Safe Haven
RR 2 Box 64
Ava MO 65608

Any amount or type of donation would be very gratefully received and carefully used. We often find good deals on catfood, which costs nearly as much to ship as the food itself, so we prefer to receive currency instead. Or if you’d rather send stuff we can use, the following items are currently on our wish list:

  • Cat beds, all sizes (they don’t mind sharing large ones)
  • Frontline Plus® or Advantage® flea protection
    (XL dog ampule treats 8 cats)
  • Pet carriers of any size
  • Sisal scratchers – any sort (post, leaning, upright)

To donate securely online via credit or debit card, use the button below:

As always, thank you very much for caring about the cats!

January 21: Just finished moving the website. Kitties are well. First half of Pepsi grant money arrived last week but will take time to get going on the construction work due to frozen ground.

Dec. 20: We have won a grant of $5k from Pepsi Cola Company. The purpose of the grant is to create a safe outdoor space for the rescued kitties. Currently they are all housed indoors in somewhat crowded conditions. We have wanted for a long time to give them access to the outdoors, but have not had the funding to build a large escape-proof enclosure. Now, thanks to Pepsi, we will soon have the funding!

We’d like to thank everyone who faithfully voted for the idea during the month of November! Without your support, we couldn’t have won. The cats will be ecstatic when they have space to run, play, and climb in the fresh air and sun!